This article is about the major conflict between Alejandro and Tyler. Alejandro's flirting with Lindsay and Lindsay being Tyler's girlfriend leads them to have a huge conflict.

Episodes ForEdit

In The Big Apple - Part 1, Alejandro flirts with Lindsay. Tyler gets mad and tells him to back off. Alejandro says there just friends. They are both placed on the Killer Adventurers. Alejandro climbs on top of Tyler when the climbing challenge starts.

In The Big Apple - Part 2, Alejandro sits next to Lindsay and Tyler once again gets mad. In the Confession Cam, Alejandro says he needs to go. Alejandro didn`t vote off Tyler, but he voted off Sadie.

In Boating in Italy, Alejandro tries to start an alliance with Lindsay. Tyler throws a can of soda at him. Tyler says in the confession cam that he must go. His team wins the challenge.

Episodes AgainstEdit