Screaming Performers
Team Tornado
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TDAP: The Good, The Bad, and Lindsay
TDHS: The Amazing Race Around The School
Place TDAP: 4th
TDHS: 15th
Relationship Justin (one sided on her side)
Family Mom, Dad, Brother
Friends Gwen, Tyler, Bridgette, Sierra, Lindsay, Duncan, Owen
Enemies Heather, Courtney
Fear Bugs
Talent Baton twirling
Nicknames Geek (called by Duncan)
Played by Tdagirl563

Beth (The Wannabe) was a contestant on the Total Drama series. She appears in the finale of Season One of Total Drama World Wide. Beth got a spot to compete in Total Drama Amusement Park. Beth was placed on the Screaming Performers, but the teams were merged in Lazer Losers! Beth was voted off in The Good, The Bad, and Lindsay, in a tie-breaker challenge, losing to Sierra. Beth advanced to Total Drama High School. Beth was placed on Team Tornado, and was voted off in The Amazing Race Around The School.


Season OneEdit

In The Final Season...Maybe, Beth was sitting next to Justin, fawning over him. Beth was excited to see Gwen and Tyler, she even waved at both of them. Beth was ok with not voting and told the others it's ok too. Beth was very happy with making it to Season Two.

Season TwoEdit

Beth Conf

Beth excited about being on Season Two.

In 18 Flags, Beth was very happy to be back in Total Drama and she hugged Lindsay, saying she missed her so much. Beth was worried about the mess hall dinners, since Chef was cooking it. Beth said in the confessional that it's been so long since she used a confessional and was super excited. During the challenge, Beth lasted pretty far, but threw up all over Heather. Beth was placed on the Screaming Performers.

In Duncan Tank, Beth helped her team win the challenge, as she dunked a Killer Clown in the tank. Beth asked LeShawna if she wanted a friendship bracelet, which LeShawna gladly accepted. Beth said in the confessional that she would never give one to Heather. Beth was really happy when her team won.

In I Keep On Loggin' You, Beth was in the girls dressing room, asking Courtney if she wanted a friendship bracelet, which she turned down, but Lindsay asked if she could have one with Beth happily giving her one. Beth said in the confessional that Courtney as kinda mean, but not as mean as Heather. Beth and her team won the challenge, when Courtney got behind the log and pushed it. Beth made some marshmellows for her team when Chef wasen't in the kitchen.

In Ringy Dinks, Beth didn't do much during the episode. Beth did fine during the challenge, scoring a 6. Beth and her team lost their first challenge and went to elimination. Beth voted off Cody, but Sadie who was on the other team, came in and asked Chris if she could quit the competition, which he allowed.

In Shark Attack, Beth was cheering up Lindsay, who was upset that Sadie quit the game. Beth offered everyone some gum she had. Beth said in the confessional that she felt really bad for Lindsay, but was kinda glad Sadie was gone, since she said that Sadie was sorta taking Lindsay away from her, as her new BFF. During the challenge, Beth fell off when she got hit by a snake, thrown by Noah, she said in the confessional that the challenge was really hard. Beth and her team won the challenge.

In Who Wants to be a Heatheraire?, Beth was trying to cheer up Lindsay again, after Tyler was voted off. Beth said in the confessional that the phone call Lindsay got, must have been fake, since no one knows her cell phone number. After Harold wondered why Chris called everyone to the mess hall, Beth says he probably had something for them, like a challenge or a reward. During the challenge, Beth couldn't answer the questions, but her team won the challenge, thanks to Courtney.

In Hall of Courtneys, Beth was in the mess hall, eating Chef's food, which she said was terrible. Beth was scared when they were in the dark Hall of Mirrors, but was excited about the challenge when Chris told them what the challenge was. During the challenge, Beth asked where Harold went, he was captured, which made everyone stop and look around for him. Beth was captured by Chef and was placed inside a mirror, which she was freed later, but her team lost the challenge. Beth voted off Cody for being useless to the team.

In Drama In The Air, Beth was trying to cheer up Lindsay, after she saw Sadie kiss Tyler during the aftermath show. Beth said in the confessional that Heather was so mean to Lindsay. During the challenge, Beth asked Chris if she could sit out the challenge, since some of the Screaming Preformers had to. Beth and her team won the challenge and Beth got a spot in the merge.

In Lazer Losers!, Beth was in the mess hall, talking to Lindsay. Beth was happy to see Ezekiel and gave him a friendship bracelet. During the challenge, Beth didn't last long, as Heather was able to get her. Beth was shocked that she saw the video of Gwen and Duncan kissing in the confessional. Beth was told by Courtney to vote off Gwen, which she did and felt terrible about.

Beth Lindsay TDI

Beth was confused by Izzy talking to her pet.

In Foul Play In the Funhouse, Beth was comforting Courtney over her break-up with Duncan. Beth told Courtney that it wasn't that bad, since Duncan is mean. Beth said in the confessional that "Brady" would never break up with her, ever. During the challenge, Beth got lost and called out to her friends, wondering where they were. Beth later ran into Lindsay, LeShawna, Harold and Justin and followed them. Beth was captured by Chef and lost the challenge. Beth voted off Duncan for upsetting Courtney so bad, and was upset that LeShawna left instead.

In Scareful What You Wish For!, Beth was in the mess hall, watching Sierra cut a figure of Duncan into paper and eating it's head off. Beth said in the confessional that night reminds her of zombies which Izzy was talking about and said that zombies once came in her house and ate her family, in a dream she had. Beth was worried about the challenge, as she thought it was dangerous and wondered if it was safe to go in, but didn't get an answer from Chris. Beth saw Heather holding onto a support beam to the mansion, trying to avoid getting taken by a ghost, but Beth tickled Heather's nose so she would lose. Beth got lost in the mansion, but she did find an envelope which told her a clue for the golden Chris. Beth was going back and forth with the golden Chris, getting it stolen and taking it back. Beth was upset to see Justin get taken away by ghosts, but got over it to try and win. Beth was able to win the challenge, by escaping the mansion with the golden Chris. Beth voted off Heather, but her one-sided crush Justin was voted off, after he lost a tie-breaker challenge with Heather.

In Round & Round, Beth was in the mess hall with everybody else. Beth was eating Chef's food, saying it wasn't as bad as everyone said. Beth seemed to be scared when Chris told everyone it wouldn't have been a good idea to eat Chef's food, because of their challenge. During the first challenge, Beth tripped on a rock, but was helped up by Lindsay. Beth lost the first challenge, and was scared to see the second challenge. During the second challenge, Beth got on a pink horse and said she felt sick, even when the ride wasn't on, Beth threw up and lost the challenge for herself. Beth was happy to see Sierra win the challenge. Beth voted off Heather and jumped up and down with Lindsay when Heather was finally voted off.

In Can You Dig It?, Beth was in the mess hall with everyone else, talking about Courtney and how she possibly needed to go, which Courtney heared and was furious about. Beth said in the confessional that she thought Courtney needed to go since she found her bossy and very mean. During the challenge, Beth's clue was "Something that makes you dizzy", which Beth thought was her older brother, Beth found out it was the merry-go-round, but she got there too late, as Izzy found her chest first. Beth voted off Courtney.

In Total Drama's Got Talent, Beth was in the mess hall, asking Lindsay why Duncan was so happy, which she figured out it was because of Courtney's elimination. Beth didn't have many lines after that, but during the challenge, Beth tried out her baton twirling, which she lit on fire to make it look more professional, she almost lost one of the, but managed to grab it before it lit something on fire, but Beth lost the challenge to Lindsay, even though Beth was still happy. Beth helped Lindsay vote off Ezekiel, but Harold was voted off instead.

In Take This Ball and Shove It, Beth was in the mess hall with everyone else, Beth was listening to Lindsay rant on about Duncan and how he broke his "promise", Beth said in the confessional that Lindsay's been acting very weird and more like Heather than her old self, and she didn't like it very much. When the lights went off, Beth told Sierra, who was freaking out by the lights, that there was nothing to be afraid of. Beth was a bit neutral about the challenge, saying that she was okay at playing mini golf, but still was kinda bad at it. During the challenge, Beth was able to get past the first round, but she got shocked by her club, meaning she was out, in the second round. Beth voted off Ezekiel, and was shocked to see Izzy go instead.

In Lions, Tigers, and Money!, Beth was talking to Lindsay in the mess hall, Ezekiel came by and asked them how they were doing and Beth responded to him saying "Nothing much". Ezekiel and Lindsay started to fight, and Beth got angry at him and told him to leave her alone and go away, which Beth said in the confessional that she couldn't believe she said that, since it's not like her to be mean or angry. After Chris told them the challenge and what they had to do, Beth said she was allergic to lions and death, but Chris didn't care at all. Beth took a tranqualizer gun from the tool shed. During the challenge, Beth was looking around everywhere for the lion and heard it roaring when Sierra found him. Unfortunatly for Beth, Sierra was able to win the challenge when she roped the lion's neck. Beth voted off Ezekiel and was a bit upset since he said he liked her. Beth said she was sorry to Ezekiel when he was voted off.

In Total Mystery Incorporated, Beth was sitting outside talking to Lindsay about something Lindsay didn't want anyone to hear about. Beth said she was a little bit upset that Ezekiel was eliminated, since he admitted he had feelings for her. Beth then began to play with little sticks she had picked up off the ground. When a letter hit Lindsay's face, Beth was puzzled by the letter at first, but then knew it was just Chris explaining the challenge. Beth was happy about the challenge, since she said she loves mystery games and was actually very good at them. During the challenge, Beth searched the log ride first, where she found Petey, Petey had seemed to be looking for Ezekiel and Beth told him that Ezekiel was eliminated and when Petey ran off, Beth followed him which was a rollercoaster, where Chef was hiding. After finding Chef, Beth began to look around to find Chris, but was called back to the mess hall where Sierra had found Chris, and since Beth and Sierra were tied, they had to do a tie-breaker challenge. Beth was able to answer the question first and was able to win the challenge. Beth voted off Duncan and was shocked to find out it was just a rewad challenge, Beth learned she had won a lobster dinner and got to chose someone to share it with, which she quickly chose Lindsay. Chris told Beth that she would look after Petey for now and if Beth was ever eliminated, Petey would go with her.

In The Good, The Bad, and Lindsay, Beth was eating Chef's food in the mess hall, asking Lindsay if she actually though the food was getting better, but Lindsay actually didn't think that, she was just hoping it would get better if she kept saying it. Beth started screaming when a giant crane grabbed her and the other contestants, but stopped after Duncan told her it was definietly just Chris trying to scare them. After hearing the challenge, Beth took off to the kitchen, but didn't find anything. Beth got out Petey and asked him where she should look, and got an answer to go to the rollercoaster. When arriving to the rollercoaster, Lindsay ran past Beth and told her about the crane, which then grabs Beth, meaning she lost the challenge. Later, Beth was upset that Duncan tricked Lindsay into going into the confessional and locking it so the crane would get her. Beth hoped that Sierra would win after that, but as Sierra tried to get the key from Duncan, she was captured by the crane, meaning Duncan won the challenge. At the ceremony, Beth had voted off Sierra, and Beth was in the final two with Sierra, but were both shocked when they had an equal amount of votes and had to compete in a tie-breaker challenge - darts. Beth lost to Sierra who got the right number before Beth could and Beth took the Cannon of Shame, wishing Lindsay the best of luck.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Beth arrived back at the park, happy to see Sierra and Duncan again. Beth supported Sierra in the final challenge. Beth was confused to who Blaineley was and asked who the "mean blonde lady" was. Beth didn't speak much after that. When Lindsay stepped on a minefield and was blown to the finish line, Beth asked if she was okay. Beth cheered for Sierra when she won, and Beth was very excited about being on season three.

Season ThreeEdit

In High School, Tick Tock, Let Me Out!, Beth didn't speak much in this episode, she was placed on the same team as Lindsay, Team Tornado, and both were very excited about it. When Beth found out she and her team lost the challenge and had to sleep in the basement, Beth said she was araid of mice.


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