Team Tornado
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated TDHS: Extreme Exams
Place TDHS: 3rd
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father
Friends Justin, Owen (possibly)
Enemies Gwen, LeShawna, Heather, Noah, Cody, Eva, Tyler, Trent, Geoff, Bridgette, Alejandro
Nicknames None Yet
Played by MarieSymone

Blaineley (The Gossip) is a new host of the Total Drama Amusement Park Aftermath. And a host from popular gossip show, Celebrity Manhunt. After an accident in a recent aftermath episode, Blaineley has entered the competition.


Season TwoEdit

In TDAP Aftermath: II, Blaineley entered the aftermath studio, saying she was from the popular gossip show, Celebrity Manhunt, and was going to help with the interviews, much to the displeasure of Geoff and Bridgette. Blaineley took over the interviews, while Geoff and Bridgette sat on their couch, angry. Blaineley asked Noah a few questions about the GwenxDuncanxCourtney triangle, but Noah didn't give her an answer to that. Blaineley asked Gwen why she made out with another girl's boyfriend, which Gwen defended herself saying that he kissed her, and Blaineley made a point that Gwen seemed to have enjoyed it. Blaineley got interupted by Cody and Trent constantly, and kept telling them to shut up, Cody wouldn't listen and Blaineley put tape over his mouth. Blaineley brought out a game called "Truth or Cattle Prob", which Geoff and Bridgette were confused about, since they didn't get that segment. Blaineley didn't get to use it, as Eva attacked her, when she was getting impatient with Blaineley. Blaineley was insulted by Heather and LeShawna, being called a "secretly fat talentless loser". At the end of the aftermath show, Blaineley was escourted off the studio by Bridgette and was thrown into a taxi cab, saying that she would be back to the aftermath very soon.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Blaineley arrived at the park in a fancy limo, also having bodyguards with her to keep anyone from kicking her out of the park. Lindsay said Blaineley was so older looking in person, which angered Blaineley. Heather wondered why "Blaineliot" was there, and that she had already had enough of her from the aftermath. Blaineley said she was doing a scoop on the finale and wanted to tease the runner-up, whoever it would be. Blaineley stood by the side-lines, watching the challenge. Blaineley was knocked out by Beth's baton she had in her hand, and woke up to find the park empty, since the winner had already been announced.


  • Her real name was revealed to be "Mildred".
  • Her age was revealed to be 25, but some said 45.

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