Screaming Travelers
Screaming Performers
Team Lightning
Duncan TDA
Gender Male
Hair color Black with Green Mohawk
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated TDWW: Sweden Ya
TDAP: Winner
TDHS: Iron Klutz
Place TDWW: 11th
TDAP: 1st
TDHS: 7th
Relationship Courtney (broken up), Gwen
Friends Gwen, DJ, Geoff, Bridgette, Izzy, Owen, Beth
Enemies Heather, Sadie, Alejandro, Noah, Cody, LeShawna, Petey, Courtney, Harold, Lindsay, Sierra, Ezekiel, Trent
Fear Celine Dion standees
Talent Pranking
Nicknames Dunky (called by Courtney), Delinquent (called so by Chef)
Played by WarriorOFTheLiGhT

Duncan (The Delinquent) was a contestant on Total Drama World Wide. He was placed on the Screaming Travelers, but the teams were merged in Japanese HiJinks. He was voted off in Sweden Ya. Duncan moved on to Total Drama Amusement Park. Duncan was placed on the Screaming Performers, but the teams were merged in Lazer Losers! Duncan was the winner and he advanced to Total Drama High School. Duncan is placed on Team Lightning.


Season OneEdit

In The Big Apple - Part 1, Duncan got off the bus after Courtney, Courtney asked him if he signed the papers to be in a relationship with her, he said "Not yet", and then sighed. Duncan used Cody as a stool to climb up the Statue of Liberty, much like what Alejandro did to Tyler. Duncan and his team were able to win the challenge and the bikes.

In The Big Apple - Part 2, Duncan did very well in the challenge. He, along with Gwen and Courtney, were the first Screaming Travelers to cross the finish line, but the Killer Adventurers already crossed it, but since they were missing someone, Duncan's team won.

In Boating in Italy, Duncan was sitting next to Courtney on the plane, she asked him again about the papers and he said he lost them, she got angry, but told him her lawyers would send another copy. Duncan fought hard during the challenge, but lost when Sadie crossed the finish line.

In Yukon Do Better Than That!, Duncan didn't talk at all during the episode, but his team won.

In G'Day Australia, Duncan threw the new copies Courtney's lawyers sent him out of the plane, without her knowing. Duncan and Courtney get into a fight about which path to go in the cave, but the two make up by making out. Duncan's team lost, when Lindsay found the red gem first.

Duncan Conf

Duncan talking about Courtney in the confessional.

In El Bullio, Duncan didn't have many lines, but he did stay on the bull for awhile, but later fell off, when Cody threw a rock at his head. Duncan said in the confessional that Cody will go down. His team won when Heather threw a rock at Eva.

In Deep Blue Sea, Duncan was questioned about the copies again by Courtney, Duncan told her he didn't get them yet. During the challenge, Duncan found three keys, but each of them shocked him. Duncan's team lost when Tyler got the key to unlock the chest.

In German Grumps, Duncan and his team are relaxing in the winners compartment. Duncan listens to his music, while waiting for the challenge. Duncan said in the confessional that Heather's obviously set up an alliance. Duncan's team won, when Katie gave their flag to Heather, after Katie decided she didn't want to do it.

In Amazon Drama, Duncan didn't talk much in the episode. His team was captured by natives during the challenge. They were able to escape, after Cody chewed through the rope. Duncan's team won when the Killer Adventurers were missing a few members.

In Robbery in Paris, Duncan grabbed the painting right when Lindsay grabbed it, he pulled out out of her hands, but was kicked in the knee by Noah, who then gave it to Lindsay, Duncan said to Noah "Your gonna pay, geek!". Duncan's team lost when Lindsay got the painting to Chris.

In Japanese HiJinks, Duncan and his team were complaining about the commercial compartment, Duncan said in the confessional that the merge is definitly coming soon. Chris then calls everyone to the diner compartment, where he announces they have made it to the merge, as Duncan expected, and Chris also welcomed back LeShawna. Duncan got pass the first challenge, but lost to Courtney in the vote. He voted Cody out, remembering what happened in El Bullio.

In Big Ben Diving, Duncan was sitting in the commercial compartment with the other contestants, except Courtney. Courtney landed on him when they fell out of the plane, which he said almost broke his back. During the challenge, Duncan didn't do anything when he jumped saying "I don't do acrobats", and he lost the challenge. During the ceremony, Duncan and Izzy were the final 2, and Chris gave the final barf bag to Duncan.

In Sweden Ya, Duncan was sitting next to Courtney in the commercial compartment. Courtney asked him if he got the papers for their relationship to work, he said not yet. During the challenge, Duncan didn't get the clue Chris gave them, and lost the challenge when Heather got the magnifying glass. Duncan voted off Noah, but Duncan was eliminated.

In The Aftermath: 2, Duncan was sitting next to Izzy. Duncan didn't talk much in the episode, but he did say he was furious at Heather and Alejandro for eliminating him. Noah and Duncan fought alot in the episode, Noah bragged about how he made 8th place and Duncan made 11th, after Duncan said how messed up the break up Noah caused was.

In The Aftermath: 3, Duncan didn't speak alot, but he told Geoff he was rooting for Gwen to win, which Courtney said of course he was. Alejandro butted in and said that of course Duncan would vote for his girlfriend, which Duncan grabbed him and said Gwen wasen't his girlfriend.

In The Final Season...Maybe, Duncan didn't speak much. Duncan voted for Gwen to win, and cheered for her when she won. Duncan was also happy about being in Season Two.

Season TwoEdit

Duncan feels insulted

Duncan thinking about Chef's food in the confessional.

In 18 Flags, Duncan smiled when he was introduced by Chris. Duncan was pretty irritated by Chef's cooking coming back in the season, which Duncan said in the confessional that it sucked so bad. Courtney asked if he was still talking to Gwen, which Duncan said that their just friends, nothing more. During the challenge, Duncan was enjoying the rollercoaster alot, he was the last one to fall off, when Eva pushed him off and he grabbed her. Duncan gave Gwen a fist bump when she was named the team captain of the Screaming Performers which is the team Duncan was put on.

In Duncan Tank, Duncan was in the guys dressing room, laughing at Noah who was brushing his goatee, which Duncan said was faker than Heather's hair. During the challenge, Duncan helped his team get further in the challenge when he dunked a Killer Clown in the tank. Duncan tried to get Courtney to be friends with Gwen, but it didn't work. Duncan and his team won the first challenge of the season.

In I Keep On Loggin' You, Duncan was with the other guys in the guys dressing room. At the mess hall, Duncan threw his food at Noah's face and laughed, Courtney told him he needed to work on some of his faults, which Dunca said in the confessional that it's like being with a lawyers 24/7. During the challenge, Duncan helped his team paddle, he tried to use Cody as the oar, but Sierra stopped him. Duncan's team won the challenge, when Courtney pushed the log past the finish line.

In Ringy Dinks, Duncan was sleeping in the guys dressing room, Justin shaves off his mohawk and tells him Noah did it, but Duncan was wearing a cap that looked like his mohawk, but he kicked Noah just to be mean to him. During the challenge, Duncan got a scoring of 9, but his team lost their first challenge. Duncan voted off Cody, since he said he was annoying this season in the confessional.

In Shark Attack, Duncan was in the guys dressing room, trying the old whipe cream and feather gag on Noah, but Noah punched him in the face, which didn't hurt Duncan at all. Duncan said in the confessional that Noah's the scrawniest person he's ever met, when Harold punched him it actually hurt him, while it didn't with Noah. During the challenge, Duncan lasted a while, until someone threw a shoe at him knocking him off. Duncan's team won the challenge.

In Who Wants to be a Heatheraire?, Duncan was in the guys dressing room, picking on Noah, again. Harold told him to give Noah some space, since Noah was trying his best to be nice again and stay in the game. Duncan told him to stay out of it since it wasen't his fight, and told Harold that if Noah's gone he'll just pick on Harold again. Duncan said in the confessional that he's sure his team will win again, since the other team was filled with losers, except Lindsay as he said. During the challenge, Duncan didn't really compete in it since he just sat and watched and called the other team losers. Duncan's team won the challenge again.

In Hall of Courtneys, Duncan was in the mess hall, talking to Courtney about accepting Gwen as a friend instead of a "boyfriend stealer", to no avail. Duncan said in the confessional that Courtney really needs to stop thinking that since it's not true. During the challenge, Duncan showed no concern when Harold went missing, saying "Who cares?". Duncan and Cody were captured by Chef before the team got out. Duncan and his team lost the challenge, Duncan voted for Cody, since he thought Cody was a weakling.

In Drama In The Air, Duncan was in the guys dressing room. Duncan slapped Noah when he was having a nightmare and told him to shut up. After hearing Justin calling Lindsay and telling her she got a part in a movie, Duncan said aloud that the movie was fake and Lindsay heard it. During the challenge, Duncan jumped off the faris wheel cery calm and landed in the pool. Duncan and his team won the challenge.

In Lazer Losers!, Duncan was in the mess hall, picking on Harold since Noah was voted off, Duncan said it was funnier with Harold. Duncan asked Gwen if she could follow him for a second. Duncan wanted to start the challenge, since Ezekiel returned and he wanted to shoot Ezekiel. During the challenge, Duncan was able to get Beth, but was shot by Courtney. After Izzy won the challenge, Chris decided to show everyone a clip from the confessional that Duncan and Gwen were in. Duncan said he was getting tired of Courtney's bossy attitude and Gwen asked him if he was going to break up with her, Duncan said he might since he has someone else on his eyes, Gwen asked him if he liked her which Duncan proved to her by kissing her. Duncan was called a "two timer" by Courtney. Duncan voted off Harold, but was shocked when Gwen was voted off and he said he was sorry to her, which she forgave him.

In Foul Play In the Funhouse, Duncan was pretty quiet, since Courtney was mad at him for kissing Gwen. Duncan said he was sorry to Gwen in the confessional saying he didn't mean to get her voted off. Duncan tried to talk during the episode, but Courtney kept telling him he wasn't allowed to talk. During the challenge, Duncan was the first captured by Chef, when Courtney shoved Duncan into Chef. Duncan voted off LeShawna who told Courtney that it's Duncan she needed to point fingers at. Duncan looked scared when Courtney found out he was safe and told him to watch his back.

In Scareful What You Wish For!, Duncan was talking a little bit more than the last episode. Duncan got bitten several times by Petey, who seems to dislike Duncan, Duncan wondered why Sierra was biting off his head on a paper figure of Duncan. Duncan got bitten so many times by Petey, that Duncan went into a coma-like sleep, but Duncan was able to compete in the challenge. During the challenge, Duncan was bitten by Petey again and was poisoned by him, redering Duncan unable to compete in the challenge. Duncan voted off Justin, since Heather told him he would be safe if he did.

In Round & Round, Duncan was trying to stay slient in the episode, since Courtney was still eyeballing him like a hawk trying to catch it's dinner. During the first challenge, Duncan past Courtney and got tackled by her, he told Courtney she needed to get a life and move on, which made her kick him in the groin. Duncan didn't win the first challenge, due to being in pain, and he didn't get to do the second challenge, as Sierra won the challenge before he could play. Duncan voted off Heather since he knew everyone would vote her off, except Courtney. Duncan and Heather were the final two and Duncan got the last cotton candy, which he smiled at.

In Can You Dig It?, Duncan was in the mess hall with everyone else. Duncan was planning on getting Courtney voted off, before she voted him off, so he got a few contestants to help with that. During the challenge, Duncan's clue was "Water", so Duncan headed for the showers to look for his treasure, but didn't find it, as it was in the dunk tank, instead. Chris called everyone back to the mess hall and announced that Izzy won the challenge. Duncan voted off Courtney and told a couple of others to vote her off as well. Courtney was finally voted off and Duncan smiled at her elimination.

In Total Drama's Got Talent, Duncan was in a much happier mood, since Courtney was gone, as he said in the confessional. Duncan started to talk more to Izzy, Sierra and Ezekiel more in this episode, for a good reason. During the challenge, Duncan insulted Ezekiel when he got up onstage to preform a poem by saying "NEXT!", which made Ezekiel angry by this comment. Duncan also insulted Harold and got him off his game, by calling Harold by his middle name "Doris", which Harold hates. When it was Duncan's turn, he carved Gwen's head into a piece of wood as his talent, which earned a few "Awww"s from Beth and Lindsay. Duncan lost the challenge to Lindsay, and Duncan got Sierra, Izzy and Ezekiel to vote off Harold, which his plan worked, but Lindsay got angry at Duncan, since she thought he would vote with her to get Ezekiel out.

In Take This Ball and Shove It, Duncan was in the mess hall, ignoring the evil glares he was getting from Lindsay, he said in the confessional that Lindsay needed to get over the whole not voting for Ezekiel thing. Duncan had his face scratched by Lindsay, who he then threw a bowl of soup at her. When the lights went out, Duncan thought it was the cops trying to sneak up on him and take him back to juvie. Duncan was glad to hear about the challenge and said it was something he could beat Lindsay at. During the challenge, Duncan was able to get through the first round, and was able to get his ball in the hole in the second round. When Sierra and Duncan were the last two to compete to win the challenge, Chris decided to let both Duncan and Sierra win the challenge. Duncan was happy to hear that since it would make Lindsay very angry. During the ceremony, Duncan voted off Izzy as apart of his plan to make Lindsay give up her last idol, his plan worked and Izzy was voted off and Lindsay lost her last idol.

In Lions, Tigers, and Money!, Duncan was in the mess hall, talking with Ezekiel about who to vote off. Ezekiel got into fights with Lindsay and Beth, and Duncan said in the confessional that Ezekiel's just gonna go home acting like that, Duncan constantly told Ezekiel to sit down, but Ezekiel left the mess hall afterwards. Chris explained the challenge to everyone and Duncan asked him if there were any cages in the tool shed, Chris only told him that he would have to look in the tool shed himself. Duncan picked up a net to try and capture the lion, Lindsay asked him if she could have the rope and if he could get something else, which an irritated Duncan told her to find her own. During the challenge, Duncan went in the kitchen to look in the refrigerator after hearing the clue, and he was caught by Chef. Duncan told Chef he was ust looking around and tried to stall some time to get Chef bored so he would just leave, but after hearing a faint roaring sound, Duncan ran out of the kitchen to the ice cream stand, where he saw Sierra trying to rope the lion. Duncan simply sat back and watched the show and said in the confessional that he was just going to wait and watch since he knew he wasn't going home that week anyway. After the challenge was over, Duncan voted off Ezekiel. After seeing how Duncan betrayed him, Ezekiel called Duncan a backstabbing jerkface and kicked him in the groin.

In Total Mystery Incorporated, Duncan was sitting outside with the other three contestants, he was talking to Sierra about voting off someone else. Duncan said in the confessional that he knew who he was going after next was. Duncan was talking about how nice it was that Ezekiel was gone, since there was no crying about Petey or crying about other things that Ezekiel sucks at. When a letter hits Lindsay's face, Duncan asks her if it was her plastic surgery bill, which made Lindsay angryer at him. After hearing what the letter said, Duncan wondered if Chris ever had any good ideas about challenges. During the challenge, Duncan went to check the merry-go-round first to see if Chris or Chef was there, but failed to find them. Duncan searched the ice cream stand and also failed to find either one of them. Duncan went to the rollercoaster where he found the others and learned Beth found Chef, and also found Petey who was glaring and hissing at Duncan. Duncan failed at finding Chris, who was found by Sierra. Duncan watched the two girls compete to win the challenge, while getting glares from Lindsay, Duncan only rolled his eyes at her. After Beth won the challenge, Duncan went to the confessional and voted off Lindsay. During the ceremony, Duncan and Lindsay were the final two and both of them received cotton candies and were told it was only a reward challenge. Duncan obviously knew that Beth would take Lindsay to share her reward she had won and was bitten by Petey once again, but seem to have quickly fought off the poison.

In The Good, The Bad, and Lindsay, Duncan was in the mess hall with the others. Duncan was trimming his finger nails with a knife, Lindsay offered him a nail file, but Duncan asked her in anger and paranoia if she had poured acid on it, which Lindsay got angry and took it back. When a giant crane came in the mess hall and took the contestants out, Duncan stopped Beth, who was screaming, and told her that it was probably just Chris, which turns out he was right. After Chris explained the challenge, Duncan took off to the log ride, but didn't find it. Duncan saw Lindsay running to the confessional and locked her in so she would lose the challenge, which she did when the crane came down and took her away. Duncan searched through the funhouse, where he found the key, but had troubles getting to the control box, since Sierra saw he has the key and tackled him trying to get the key. When Sierra was captured by the crane, Duncan climbed up to the control box and disabled the crane, winning the challenge. Duncan voted for Beth, and during the ceremony, Beth and Sierra were the final two, Linsay asked Duncan who he thought would be going, but Duncan simply gave her a mean glare. Duncan showed no emotion when Chris announced the tie-breaker and showed nothing when Beth was eliminated.

In Water You Waiting For?, Duncan was sitting outside with the other two contestants, glaring at them. Duncan said in the confessional that he needed to win the challenge, since he knew he wouldn't get to the final two if Sierra or Lindsay had won. Duncan also said that he knew who he was taking to the final two if he won the challenge. When Chris explained the challenge to them, Duncan shot a water balloon at Lindsay, laughing and angering her. During the challenge, Duncan was shot twice by Lindsay and shot Lindsay twice, he and Sierra later ambushed Lindsya, getting her out of the challenge. Duncan began hiding in different locations, trying to get Sierra and trying to hide from her. Duncan jumped out and shot Sierra, but he was then shot by her, losing the challenge. Duncan knew what his fate in the competition would be, since Sierra won the challenge. During the ceremony, Sierra whispered who she wanted to take to the finals to Chris and he told them that Duncan was Sierra's choice, shocking both Duncan and Lindsay. Duncan told Lindsay she did okay in the competition and gave her the finger when she cursed at him.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Duncan was in the mess hall, giving sympathy to Sierra's "good luck". Duncan was happy to see Gwen again, and was irritated about Courtney being back as well. Duncan teased Courtney about their break-up and he was hit by a chair, thrown by Courtney. Duncan didn't talk much during the contestants arrival, only seapking to Courtney, Gwen and DJ. Duncan chose Gwen as his partner during the challenge. Duncan and Gwen collected four flags, getting into fights with Lindsay and Siera in the process. When Duncan and Gwen arrived at the funhouse, Gwen fell through a trapdoor, leaving Duncan partnerless. Duncan and Sierra both grabbed their last flagsd and ran to the finish line, and he tripped Sierra, and was the winner of Total Drama Amusement Park. Duncan was able to advance to season three, along with Gwen and Courtney.

Season ThreeEdit

In High School, Tick Tock, Let Me Out!, Duncan waved when he was introduced and winked at Gwen, when she was being introduced. Duncan got into several fights with Trent, who says that he and Gwen are still together, Duncan constantly tells him they broke up along time ago and that he needed to get over her, Trent didn't listen to Duncan though. Duncan was placed on Team Lightning, the name LeShawna had come up with, and went with LeShawna's idea on their float for the challenge. Duncan set up the wires on the float and painted the figurines on the float. Duncan and his team didn't win the challenge, but they came in second place for their float. Duncan and Gwen talked to each other about Trent afterwards, and both agree he's gotten very weird.


  • Duncan is the strongest male on the show, but he has scrawny legs.
  • Duncan is the last male voted off on the Screaming Travelers.
  • Duncan is the first contestant to have an episode named after him, in this case Duncan Tank.
  • Duncan is the highest ranking male member of his team in both seasons.
  • Duncan was the only male left in the competition in Season Two.
  • Duncan is the only male who has been hit in the groin so many times.

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