This page is focused on the conflict with Heather and all the contestants.


She insulted him many times, and called him ugly. She also said he was like a window, because she could see right though him.


Heather called Bridgette annoying and said she made out with Geoff way to much.


In Amazon Drama, Heather ordered Cody to use his "beaver teeth" to chew away the rope.


Heather has insulted Courtney many times, calling her a "shark".


Heather has insulted Duncan many times, mostly calling him skeeze or pig.


Heather called Eva "Man-Woman" in Deep Blue Sea.


Heather tricked Ezekiel into joining her alliance in Season Two, she kept using him for votes and was getting ready to backstab him when she was voted off.


Heather called Geoff annoying and got her alliance to vote him off in Deep Blue Sea.


Gwen is Heather's major enemy. See Gwen-Heather Conflict.


Heather has called LeShawna "Prima Ballerino" in Boating in Italy and insulted LeShawna in El Bullio. Heather told LeShawna, when she was getting on the bull, to be careful not to hurt the poor bull.


Heather nicknames her "Lindsiot" and has insulted her many times.


Heather called him a nerd.


Heather called Sadie a fat pig in The Big Apple - Part 2. In Deep Blue Sea, when they see a shark, Gwen says they need something big and chewy to throw in it's mouth, Heather calls for Sadie to jump in it's mouth.


Heather started calling Tyler "Idiler" in Million Dollar Cook-off.

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