Screaming Travelers
Screaming Performers
Team Rapid
Gwen TDA
Gender Female
Hair color Black with Teal Highlights
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TDWW: Winner
TDAP: Lazer Losers!
TDHS: Caught in a Bad Conflict
Place TDWW: 1st
TDAP: 12th
TDHS: 9th
Relationship Trent (broken up), Duncan (kissed), Cody (one sided, Cody's side)
Family Mother, Brother
Friends LeShawna, Duncan, Heather, Geoff, Bridgette, Lindsay, Harold, Cody, Tyler, DJ, Sierra, Beth, Owen, Trent
Enemies Courtney, Alejandro, Blaineley
Fear Being buried underground
Talent Drawing.
Nicknames Gwenny (called by Sadie), Greta (called by Lindsay), Goth Freak (called by Heather)
Played by XoTulleMorXo

Gwen (The Goth Girl) was a contestant on Total Drama World Wide. She is placed on the Screaming Travelers, but the teams were merged in Japanese HiJinks. Gwen was the winner of Total Drama World Wide and moved on to Total Drama Amusement Park. Gwen was placed on the Screaming Performers as it's team captain, but the teams were merged in Lazer Losers! Gwen was voted off that same episode, Lazer Losers!, when Duncan kissed her and Courtney got most of everyone else to vote her off. Gwen was placed on Team Rapid.


Season OneEdit


Gwen has to sing to avoid being eliminated.

In The Big Apple - Part 1, Gwen arrived very happy to see her friends again, but was very displeased to see Heather. Heather told Gwen she should have gone to the beauty salon to get all of that ugly taken off, which Gwen responded with "Have YOU looked in a mirror lately? You need the most work done". Gwen climbed very high during the first challenge, but fell a few times because of Sadie. Gwen's team won the challenge, when Courtney took the stairs.

Gwen WT Confesional

Gwen using the confessional.

In The Big Apple - Part 2, Gwen did really well riding her bike, she and the rest of her team followed Courtney's path down an alley. Gwen begins to question Sadie's mean attitude in the confessional. Heather started to insult Gwen again, calling her "goth freak". Gwen retorted saying "Oh I'm sorry, all I heard was this annoying buzzing sound". Gwen, along with Courtney and Duncan, crossed the finish line, after the Killer Adventurers crossed, but since Ezekiel wasen't with the team, the Screaming Travelers won.

In Boating in Italy, Gwen and her team are enjoying the winners compartment. Gwen and all the other contestants were dropped out of the plane, again, but safely land in Italy. Heather makes herself leader for the challenge, much to Gwen's disgust. During the challenge, Gwen gets a lighter and sets the Killer Adventurers engine on fire to slow the Killer Adventurers down, but Noah quickly puts out the fire. Gwen fought with Alejandro when he jumped on board, and got help from Courtney. Sadie threw a paddle at Gwen, after she and Courtney threw Alejandro over board. The Screaming Travelers suffer their first loss, after alligators tear up their boat, when Alejandro took off his shirt and asked the alligators to tear up their boat. Gwen was torn on who to vote for so she just voted Bridgette.

In Yukon Do Better Than That!, Gwen and her team dislike the commercial compartment highly. Gwen and the other contestants almost freeze in the cold weather, Courtney suggested huddling for warmth, which Cody tries to hug Gwen, but she pushes him away. During the challenge, Gwen and her team found the plane, but on the other side of a frozen river. Gwen suggested they break a piece of the ice and swim to the over side, Sadie threw a rock at Gwen's head, knocking her down and breaking the ice when she landed. Gwen's team won, when Courtney entered the plane first. Chris tells the Killer Adventurers to vote on a member of the Screaming Travelers to go to Chris' compartment with him, to recieve a prize, everyone on the Killer Adventurers voted Gwen to go with Chris.

In G'Day Australia, Gwen and her team are enjoying the winners compartment, after winning again. Gwen says in confessional that Heather told her about Alejandro's tactics, but she doesn't really believe her at all. Gwen asked why Chris was dressed in a pirate costume, and Chris tells her that they were out of bull fighter uniforms. During the challenge, Gwen and her team got lost, until Geoff pulled out his flashlight. Gwen had to fight Sadie for the gem, calling her a building when Sadie jumped on her. The Screaming Travelers lose the challenge, Gwen votes off DJ for not going with them in the cave.

&nbsp In El Bullio, Gwen woke up on the plane fixing her hair. Gwen and her team discussed on winning the reward challenge so they could get back into the winners compartment. During the challenge, Gwen threw sand in Noah's eyes, causing him to fall off, which Gwen said in confessional that Heather's strategy was actually working. Gwen fell off when Sadie threw a rock at Gwen's head, much like she did two episodes before, but her team won, when Heather threw a rock at Eva, causing her to fall off.

Gwen Underwater

Gwen trying to find a key, unaware of the shark behind her in Deep Blue Sea.

In Deep Blue Sea, Gwen and her team are sitting at the slushie bar in the winners compartment. Gwen was writing in her diary, which Heather was trying to sneak a look at, but Gwen closed it before she could. During the challenge, Gwen found two keys, but each one electrocuted her. Gwen almost got eaten by a shark, but she was able to hit it on it's nose to scare it away. Gwen sees Tyler find a weird looking key, which turned out to be the key that unlocks the chest. Gwen voted Heather off, but Geoff was voted off instead.

In German Grumps, Gwen was sitting in the commercial cabin with the rest of her team. Gwen and the rest of the contestants are dropped out of the plane again, and sing while their falling. Gwen's team won the challenge very quickly, after Katie gave the flag to Heather.

In Amazon Drama, Gwen and her team relax in the winners compartment. During the challenge, the Screaming Travelers get very far ahead, but are captured by natives and tied to a tree, which cause the Killer Adventurers to be in the lead. The Screaming Travelers spot the plane and the Killer Adventurers running to it, Izzy runs super fast, but only makes it in the plane after Alejandro. But, the Screaming Travelers won, since the Killer Adventurers were missing Eva, Noah and Sadie, since they went different paths.

In Robbery in Paris, Gwen and her team were enjoying slushies at the slushie bar in the winners compartment. During the challenge, Lindsay got the painting, but Gwen managed to get a hold of it. Gwen almost made it out, but Sadie jumped on her and made her drop the painting, Courtney grabbed it and threw it to Heather who was closer. Gwen and her team lost when Lindsay grabbed the painting and won the challenge. Gwen voted Sierra out, Gwen was save from elimination.

In Japanese HiJinks, Gwen and her team were complaining about the commercial compartment, Heather tells them the beds aren't even beds, which Gwen comes back and says "Nice observation, genius". Chris called everyone to come to the diner compartment, where he announces they have made it to the merge, and that LeShawna has returned. During the challenge, Gwen's poem was able to move on, but she lost with only two votes from Izzy and LeShawna, while Courtney won. Gwen voted Heather off, but Cody was eliminated instead.

In Big Ben Diving, Gwen was sitting in the commercial compartment with the other contestants, except Courtney. Heather insulted Gwen by asking Chris if they could drop Gwen in a volcano, Gwen told her to flip the witch switch to off for once. Gwen said in the confessional that Heather, Courtney and Alejandro are threats. During the challenge, Gwen did pretty good. Gwen lost the challenge to Eva, Gwen voted off Heather, but she used her immunity idol. Gwen was shocked that Izzy was voted off.

In Sweden Ya, Gwen was sitting with the other contestants in the commercial cabin, except Eva. Gwen insulted Heather when she insulted Lindsay, by saying she models for hunchbacks, Gwen said "Hunchbacks worship you as their leader". Gwen and Heather glared at each other on the plane. During the challenge, Gwen was asked by Duncan if she found anything, which she responded with "You know we're not on teams anymore, right?" and he said he did. Gwen lost the challenge to Heather, when she got the magnifying glass. Gwen voted Noah off, but Duncan was voted off instead.

In Russia Can Be Murder, Gwen was in the commercial cabin, listening to Courtney and Lindsay arguing. Gwen told Courtney to stop yelling at Lindsay who wasen't involed in Duncan's elimination, but Courtney ignored her. Gwen spent most of her time on the plane listening to her music. During the challenge, Gwen's costume was called "Raven" which came with a long beautiful robe. Gwen, along with Courtney and LeShawna, won the challenge. Gwen voted off Eva, since Eva was being mean and as she said was a "freak".


Gwen tells Courtney she'll help her vote Heather off when they get a chance in Hassle in the Castle.

In Welcome to Hollywood!, Gwen was sitting in the winners cabin with Courtney and LeShawna. Gwen was writing in her diary, Courtney asked her if she was scared that Heather might get her hands on it again, Gwen said she wasen't scared about that, since she got a lock for it. Gwen heard knocking on the winners cabin's door, she opened it and it was Sadie, which Gwen asked her what she wanted. Sadie wanted some food, since their food was awful, Gwen didn't say anything, as Courtney was about to close the door in Sadie's face, until LeShawna stopped her and gave her some bread. When announced where the contestants were going, Heather said that Hollywood was filled with freaks, which Gwen said "Welcome home Heather". During the challenge, Gwen's movie was called "The Miracle of the World" which was a video that showed Heather getting her head shaved from Total Drama Island, over and over again. Gwen didn't win the challenge, as Heather did. Gwen voted off Noah, since he caused Tyler and Lindsay to break up. But Lindsay was voted off.

Courtney-Gwen 03

Gwen and Courtney talking about how weird the food looks in Hassle in the Castle.

In Hassle in the Castle, Gwen was with the other contestants in the commercial cabin, except Heather. Gwen saw how bad the weather was looking and wondered if Chef knew what he was doing. Gwen said she was sorry to Tyler, which kinda made him sad, again. Heather entered the commercial cabin with the others, because she was scared but wouldn't admit it. Gwen asked her why she was in there and Heather said she had enough of the winners compartment, which Gwen said in the confessional that Heather was of coursed scared. Chris told the contestants they're heading to Transylvania to Yunyad Castle, Gwen thought it would be cool, but Heather said of course Gwen liked scary castles, since she's so scary herself. After Chris and Chef took off and left everyone at the castle, Gwen told everyone they needed to get inside, Gwen knocked on the castle door and was greeted by a creepy woman. Courtney told Gwen it wouldn't be a good idea to go inside, but Gwen didn't listen to her. Once inside, the woman offered everyone food, seeing as how the food looked, Gwen said she had just ate. Gwen got her room after everyone discussed about the castle. In the middle of the night, Tyler knocks on Gwen's door saying Sadie and Alejandro have gone missing, but Gwen told him he was just dreaming and went back to her room. Gwen later woke up because she heard screaming, which was Heather's, and found Tyler telling Courtney and LeShawna about a ghost throwing Heather down a trap door. After LeShawna was taken by the ghost, Gwen finally believed Tyler. Gwen and Tyler were the last two, when the ghost appeared infront of them, Tyler pushed Gwen infront of the ghost, she stood up to the ghost and told him to take her away. The ghost was revealed to be the scary woman, who was working for Chris to scare them and told Gwen she won the challenge since she stood up to her. Gwen voted off Noah, since he caused the break up of Tyler and Lindsay.

In Million Dollar Cook-off, Gwen was enjoying a smoothie in the winners cabin. Gwen laughed at Chris when he said he lost a thumb wrestling match with Chef. During the challenge, Gwen made a taco made out of cheese and beef from the kitchen. Chris and Chef both liked it and she recieved 15 points, but gwen lost the challenge to LeShawna. When Chef tricked them into thinking it was an elimination challenge, Gwen was the first to get a barf bag, along with LeShawna.

In Pirates of Jamaica, Gwen was sitting in the commercial cabin with the other contestants, except LeShawna. When Courtney and Sadie get into a fight, Gwen along with Tyler go to the diner compartment to get away from the drama. When Chris dropped everyone out of the plane, Gwen didn't really sing during the musical. During the challenge, Gwen was digging by the ocean, after she saw Courtney grab the chest, Gwen ran behind a few bushes. When Alejandro was going past the pushes with the chest, Gwen stuck her foot out and tripped Alejandro, grabbing the chest. Gwen lost the chest, after Courtney jumped on her head and grabbed it, Gwen also lost the challenge when Courtney and Sadie both crossed the finish line with the chest. after LeShawna told Gwen that Alejandro was trying to vote her off, Gwen decided to vote off Alejandro. During the ceremony, Gwen and Alejandro were the final 2, Chris gave the final barf bag to Gwen and Alejandro took the Drop of Shame.

In Taj Mahorror, Gwen was sittting in the commercial cabin. When Heather insulted Tyler about not caring about his feelings, Gwen said "You would have to be human to understand feelings". Gwen said in the confessional that Heather needs to go. Gwen let Courtney out of the winners cabin, after Sadie locked her in. After Chris dropped everyone out of the plane, Heather landed on Gwen. During the challenge, Gwen searched the upper tower for Chris, which she thought she saw something but was really just a dummy. Gwen lost the challenge to Courtney, when she found Chris in a coffin down in the tomb. Gwen was told by Courtney that Sadie was planning on voting her off and called her mean things behind her back and also reminded her about the rocks Sadie threw at her. Gwen was safe from elimination.

In Borneo Revolution, Gwen was sitting next to LeShawna in the commercial cabin. She and LeShawna stuck up for Tyler after Heather insulted him again. Gwen said in the confessional that Heather has definitly gotta go now, since it's the final 5. When Chris dropped everyone out of the plane, Gwen, along with Courtney and Tyler, land on the south side of the island, while Heather and LeShawna land on the north side of he island. During the challenge, Gwen ran into Tyler, literally. Gwen got back up and started running, saying sorry to Tyler when she got up. Heather made it to the center of the island first, and Gwen strangely decided to give up on the challenge, since she dosen't dance unless she's forced to. Gwen called Heather's dance very lame, and cheered for LeShawna and Tyler. After Tyler won the challenge, Gwen voted off Heather, but Heather used her immunity idol, which meant Heather's vote against LeShawna was the only one casted. Gwen promised LeShawna she would kick Heather's butt for her.

In Roman Fools, Gwen was sitting in the commercial cabin, next to Courtney. Gwen tells Courtney she'll help her vote off Heather again, especially after what happened with LeShawna, which Courtney agrees to vote her off. In the confessional, Gwen said Heather's had it coming for a long time and she's going to get it. During the challenge, Gwen picked the horse on the far left, which came with a mace. Gwen fell down in the challenge a few time, she even caught up to Courtney and Tyler throughout the challenge. Gwen lost the challenge, when Courtney crossed the finish line first. Gwen asked where Heather was at and when she found out that Heather's horse broke it's leg and she didn't help it, Gwen said she had a bottle of water that was warm and asked Heather if she could put it at her heart to make it colder. Gwen voted Heather off, and Heather finally took the Drop of Shame.

In Irish Dogs, Gwen and Tyler was disgussing on how to eliminate Courtney in the commercial cabin, which she heard by eavesdropping on the door. Gwen said it was nice not hearing Heather complaining. Gwen said in the confessional that she was surprised she made it to the final 3, after her placing in Total Drama Action. After Chris called them to the diner cabin, using a bad irish accent, Gwen asked him why he was using that bad accent, and Chris told her it was part of the place they were going. During the challenge, Gwen got some rainbow candies for the leprechaun, which worked, but Tyler grabbed the leprechaun too. Gwen stated it was her plan that got the leprechaun, which Tyler said they could bring the leprechaun to Chris to win the challenge and eliminate Courtney. Gwen and Tyler were the winners of the challenge, while Courtney took the Drop of Shame, threatening Chris she would sue the show again. Thus, meaning Gwen and Tyler are the final 2.

In The Final Season...Maybe, Gwen was looking out the window, wondering where they were going to. Gwen said in the confessional that she couldn't believe she was in the final 2 again. Gwen asked Tyler where he thought they were going, and he said probably Canada, which she asked why they would be heading back there. After Chris called them both to the cargo hold, Gwen asked "What now?" and then both Gwen and Tyler fell out of the plane, by the open hatch. Gwen and Tyler land in the Aftermath studio where they are welcomed by everyone. Chris then tells them that there will be a vote to determine a winner. After the votes had been casted, Chris announced the winner of Total Drama World Wide, Gwen. Gwen was surprised she had won, and was given a huge hug by Owen and was congratulated by Tyler. Gwen told Tyler she would split 40,000 dollars with him, which Tyler gladly thanked and hugged her for, which Gwen told him "No problem". After Gwen was dropped in the amusement park with some of the other contestants, Gwen said she's really excited about being in another season.

Season TwoEdit


Gwen using the confessional in Total Drama Amusement Park.

In 18 Flags, Gwen waved at everyone watching when Chris introduced her. After Heather insulted Lindsay, Gwen told her to be nice for once, and said nevermind since it would be like telling a horse to stand up on it's back legs. Gwen said in the confessional that she was excited to be in Season Two, and stated that she has to watch her back, since people will be targeting her, since she won the last season. Gwen was wowed when she saw how big the rollercoaster they were going to get on was. During the challenge, Gwen didn't make such a big deal out of the coaster, when Chris announced that Gwen and Noah has won the challenge, they asked him how they could get down and Chris pressed a button which ejected them from their seats. Gwen landed on Noah when they fell to the ground which Gwen said sorry for. Gwen was named the captain of the Screaming Performers team. Gwen said in the confessional that she couldn't believe she was on the same team as Heather again.

In Duncan Tank, Gwen was writting in her diary, Heather was talking about how lovely her hair looked, Gwen said "Your hair? Don't you mean the hair you got from a horse", which Heather told her to get lost. When Chris called them, Heather told Gwen she looked wonderful today, except her face is full of ugly, which Gwen said "I'm not afraid to use these combat boots!". Gwen and Heather glared at each other during the episode. Gwen was chosen by a Killer Clown to sit on the tank, but Gwen was not dunked in. Gwen was also chosen by Chris to dunk a Killer Clown, which Gwen was able to. Gwen said in the confessional that Heather has to go when ever her team loses a challenge. Gwen tried to patch things up with Courtney, just to be friends since she's friends with Duncan, but Courtney just brushes her off.

In I Keep On Loggin' You, Gwen was sleeping in the girls dressing room, she was awoken by Heather, banging on the wall to tell the boys to shut up. Gwen told her to quiet down, Heather angrily told her to shut up and go back to sleep. Gwen went ahead and got up and changed clothes in the bathroom. Gwen said in the confessional that being on the same team as Heather again is horrible, saying she'd rather be hit by rocks then by on the same team as Heather. After Chris told everyone to report to the mess hall for breakfest, Gwen saw the food and told Chef she was good, since she already ate something before. Gwen lead her team in the first challenge, which she picked a path on the left to take. Gwen and her team won the challenge, when Courtney got behind the log and pushed it past the finish line.

In Ringy Dinks, Gwen was in the girls dressing room listening to music, she heard Courtney say she had the votes from the last episodes elimination on her PDA, which Gwen was curious about, since Ezekiel was eliminated that night. Gwen said in the confessional that the competition was getting fierce already and it had just started, since last season was a little easier. When the contestants got to the "Test your strength" challenge, Heather told Gwen that if they lose she is so going home and she will laugh and laugh, Gwen reminded her about her combat boots, as she's not afraid to use them. During the challenge, Gwen scored a 6, but her team still lost the challenge. Gwen voted off Heather and she was safe from elimination. Gwen was shocked that Sadie quit the competition before one of her teammates were eliminated.

In Shark Attack, Gwen was with the other girls in the girls dressing room. Lindsay said she was upset and shocked that Sadie quit, Gwen added that she was shocked too. Gwen said in the confessional that Sadie's the one to always keep on going in the game, she couldn't believe she quit. Beth asked her if she wanted some gum, but Gwen said she was good. Cody tried to flirt with Gwen, but Gwen ignored him. Chris told the contestants the challenge, Gwen told Heather not to fall off, sarcastically. During the challenge, Gwen got hit by a shoe, thrown by Justin, but she stayed on. Alejandro tried to hypnotise Gwen with his abs, but Gwen wasn't falling for it. Gwen, along with Heather, LeShawna and Sierra, won the challenge for their team.

In Who Wants to be a Heatheraire?, Gwen was on her bed reading a book. After Lindsay got a call from a "restricted caller" giving her a part in a movie, Gwen asks her who it was from, but Lindsay said she had no clue, which Gwen told her it could have been fake. Gwen said in the confessional that it might have been someone on her team to try and cheer her up so she could focus on challenges. Gwen, along with LeShawna, defended Lindsay when Heather insulted her, saying she was fatter than a hippo. During the challenge, Gwen was able to buzz in a few times and answer a question. Gwen and her team won the challenge, when Courtney buzzed in the right answer.

In Hall of Courtneys, Gwen was in the mess hall with everyone else, Gwen thought most of the food was like hot glue. Gwen said in the confessional that she was surprised she made it this far, as she won the last season and thought she would have been the first voted off. Chris called everyone to the Hall of Mirrors where he explained the challenge and told Gwen that since she's the leader of the Screaming Preformers, she will lead them through the hall of mirrors. During the challenge, Gwen and her team lost a few members by Chef, they were able to make it out, but they lost the challenge after their winning strike. Gwen voted off Heather, but Cody was the one voted off.

In Drama In The Air, Gwen was in the girls dressing room, reading a book and listening to Lindsay crying. After Heather insulted Lindsay for being so ugly, Gwen told Heather to get a life instead of causing people pain and suffering, which she also stated couldn't happen since Heather feeds on pain and suffering. Gwen said in the confessional that Heather was on the only one on her team that didn't make her want to jump off a bridge into a pool of sharks. When Heather walked past Gwen, she stuck her foot out and tripped Heather, making the others laugh. During the challenge, Gwen was one of the divers and when it was her turn she was able to make it into the pool, helping her team win the challenge. Gwen said in her last confessional of the episode that she couldn't believe she made it to the merge again.


Gwen, moments before her elimination, glaring at Heather.

In Lazer Losers!, Gwen was in the mess hall with everyone else. Duncan asked Gwen if he could talk to her for a second, which she followed him. Gwen came back looking a little nervous and was scared to get near Courtney. During the challenge, Gwen was looking around for Heather and when she found her she shot her, but Heather also shot Gwen. Gwen said in the confessional that she hasn't been able to concentrait, since something happened but she cut herself off and said it was too much coffee she drank. Before everyone was about to vote, Chris showed a video of Gwen and Duncan in the confessional to show what they were doing, Duncan was thinking about breaking up with Courtney for being to bossy, Gwen asked him if there was a reason which Duncan said he had fallen for someone else, and hinted to Gwen that it is her, shocked Gwen asked him if he really liked her, which Duncan proved to her by kissing her. Courtney glared angrily at Gwen and told her she wouldn't forget this. Gwen, feeling guilty, voted herself off for upsetting Courtney. During the ceremony, Gwen and Heather were the final two and the final cotton candy went to Heather, which Heather gloated about and Courtney told her she would get what she deserved. Duncan said he was sorry to Gwen for getting her kicked off, which Gwen accepted his apology and got in the Cannon of Shame, where she was blasted to the aftermath.

In Foul Play In the Funhouse, Gwen was mentioned several times throughout the episode. LeShawna told Courtney that it wasn't Gwen's fault about her break-up with Duncan, and told Courtney that she should be pointing her fingers at Duncan instead. Duncan said he was sorry to Gwen, in the confessional, that he got her voted off.

800px-Gwen from Aftermath 2

Gwen rolling her eyes at Blaineley in the second aftermath.

In TDAP Aftermath: II, Gwen was welcomed in the aftermath by Geoff and Bridgette. She said "hey" to everyone, and Cody was the most excited to see her, Trent asked her about Duncan, which Gwen seemed kinda nervous about. When Heather came out, Gwen said "And there's the wicked witch", which Heather told her to shut up. Gwen was shocked to see Blaineley barge onto the set and told everyone she was going to interview the contestants. When Blaineley went to Gwen for her interview, Blaineley asked her why she broke up one of the most popular relationships on the Total Drama series, Gwen said she didn't mean to, and that Duncan was the one who kissed her, she also said she felt bad about it, since Courtney was crushed by it and said she deserved getting voted off that night. Gwen was questioned by Trent again, about what she sees in him, Gwen didn't answer though. Blaineley ended her interview after that question. LeShawna said that Gwen wasn't at fault in that triangle, as did Tyler, which Gwen thanked them both for standing up for. Gwen rolled her eyes at Blaineley, when she said that she liked interviewing the contestants and asking them their most hated thoughts. Heather said that Gwen's placing in the season was terrible, Gwen said that she won the last season and made it to merge in that season. After Blaineley asked Heather if she thought that Blaineley herself would make a good competitor on Total Drama Amusement Park, Gwen said that she seemed kinda old to be on a teen show, but Blaineley ignored that comment. At the end of the aftermath, Gwen helped Bridgette get Blaineley into the taxi cab.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Gwen returned to Total Drama Amusement Park, to root for Duncan to win. Gwen was a bit sheepish on sitting in Duncan's benches, Courtney yelled at Gwen and said "Of course you would sit there!", Gwen sighed afterwards. Lindsay asked if she was still with Trent, and Gwen said that she had broken up with him a long time ago, which Lindsay called her a "tramp" for, Gwen said that she wasn't since Duncan kissed her. Heather told Gwen to leave it alone so they could get on with the race, leaving Gwen angry. Duncan had told everyone that he kissed Gwen, not Gwen herself, which made Gwen smile. When Blaineley arrived at the amusement park, Gwen was shocked and upset to see her saying "Oh no!". When choosing a partner for the final challenge,

Gwen sitting next to Duncan on the bus.

Duncan decided to go with Gwen, since he said it was pretty obvious, Gwen got down off the benches and stood beside Duncan, assuring him not to worry, since she can help him out. During the challenge, Gwen and Duncan ran to the rollercoaster and got Duncan's first flag, under a seat, curtesy of Sierra's partner, Lindsay. Gwen and Duncan ran to the farrish wheel and found Sierra and Lindsay again. After Duncan was told that his flag was on the bottom of the farris wheel, Gwen looked under a carrier and found his second flag. Gwen high fived Duncan when he got his fourth flag at the log ride. When arriving at the funhouse, Gwen and Duncan found out that Lindsay had fallen through a trap door, leaving Sierra without a partner, but just a few minutes after Duncan teased Sierra about being partnerless, Gwen falls through a trap door also. Gwen asked Chris if someone was going to help them get back up, but didn't get an answer. At the finish line, Gwen was awaiting for a winner to cross, and cheered for Sierra when she won, and also helped Duncan up after he fell down. After Chris told Gwen and a few other contestants to head to "Bus A", Gwen sat next to Duncan and talked about where they were heading to. After twenty minutes, Gwen and the other seventeen ex-contestants arrived at an old high school, which Gwen said looked moldy and rotted. Chris announced that Gwen and the other seventeen contestants have made it to season three.

Season ThreeEdit

In High School, Tick Tock, Let Me Out!, Gwen was standing by the other contestants, being introduced by Chris and waved at the audience watching the show, she smiled at Duncan when she winked at her. Gwen kept getting flirted by Trent, and Trent had said that he and Gwen were back together, which Gwen found very odd, since they were still broken up and only friends, which Gwen reminded Trent of that but Trent didn't listen, Duncan tried telling Trent that Gwen was with him now, Gwen looked on hoping Trent would stop, but he didn't. Gwen was placed on Team Rapid with Courtney, which made her ask Chris if she could switch teams, since she didn't want to be on the same team as Courtney, which Courtney agreed with her on that, but Chris wouldn't allow it, since it causes drama. During the challenge, Gwen, Courtney, Heather and Tyler worked on the float the most, which was of Chris, shirtless. Chris loved the float idea and Team Rapid won the challenge, earning Gwen and her team a nice bedroom in the school. Gwen and Duncan discussed about how oddly Trent was acting, and both agreed he was weird.


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