Killer Adventurers
Number of Members 10
Highest Ranking Member Tyler, 2nd Place
Lowest Ranking Member Ezekiel, 21st Place
Team Selected By Chris McLean

The Killer Adventurers are one of the two teams in Total Drama World Wide. It is sometimes considered the "underdog" team. The Killer Adventurers consists of LeShawna, Lindsay, Alejandro, Noah, Tyler, Harold, Eva, Katie, Sadie and Ezekiel. As of now the Killer Adventurers have now been disbanded by Chris.

Contestants EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Ezekiel Male 1st 1st The Big Apple - Part 2 Ezekiel costed his team the challenge when he took off after his hat after a wind storm.
Harold Male 2nd 3rd Yukon Do Better Than That! Harold felt like he slowed down the team and convinced most of his teammates to vote him off.
Katie Female 3rd 6th German Grumps Katie was fed out with the competition and gave the flag to the other team.
LeShawna Female 4th 7th Amazon Drama Eva convinced the team, except Alejandro, to vote her off.
Eva Female 5th 12th Russia Can Be Murder Eva was betrayed by Heather who convinced everyone to vote her off.
Lindsay Female 6th 13th Welcome to Hollywood! Heather managed to get Lindsay voted off by convincing a few contestants. Noah also helped out in her elimination.
Noah Male 7th 14th Hassle in the Castle Noah was voted off for causing the break up of Tyler and Lindsay.
Alejandro Male 8th 15th Pirates of Jamaica Alejandro was voted off for being a flirt and a threat.
Sadie Female 9th 16th Taj Mahorror Courtney was able to convince everyone to vote Sadie off.
LeShawna Female 10th 17th Borneo Revolution Heather used her immunity idol and her vote against LeShawna voted her off.
Tyler Male Runner-up Runner-up The Final Season...Maybe The eliminated contestants voted Gwen over Tyler, to win the million dollars.


Original MembersEdit


  • This team has more conflicts then the other team.
  • The only couple on this team is Tyler and Lindsay.
  • The team's leader in most of the challenge's is Alejandro, but Sadie has lead the team a few times.
  • Katie was the first female voted off the team.
  • Ezekiel was the first male and contestant voted off the team.

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