Gender Male
Hair color Violet (Scales)
Eye color Green
Friends Ezekiel, Izzy, Courtney, Beth
Enemies Heather, Justin, Lindsay, Harold, Duncan, Sierra
Nicknames Pete, Peteman (called by Ezekiel)
Played by Reddude (Season 2)

Unknown (Season 3)

Petey (The Snake) was Izzy's pet in Total Drama Amusement Park until she gave him up to Ezekiel. He is Ezekiel's pet and the two seem to be best friends. He ran away in Can You Dig It?. He returns, despite Ezekiel being gone, in Total Mystery Incorporated. Petey was in-tow with Ezekiel when Ezekiel moved onto Total Drama High School.


Season TwoEdit

Petey first appeared in Foul Play In the Funhouse. He was shown to the remaining contestants by Izzy. He escaped Izzy's cage and he bit Justin, Lindsay, and Ezekiel. Heather screamed for someone to capture the snake. While Chris was explaining the challenge, Ezekiel captured him. Throughout the challenge, Petey protected Ezekiel from Chef Hatchet until Ezekiel got second in the challenge.

In Scareful What You Wish For!, Petey was obeying Courtney and Ezekiel's commands by biting Duncan. He poisoned Duncan so much Duncan was with medics until the challenge. He later just bit Duncan a lot during the challenge after he knocked out Ezekiel so he could. Justin tried to have Petey be "eliminated" instead of himself after Justin's elimination, but failed.

In Round & Round Petey wasn't doing anything major. During the first part of the challenge he bit Sierra's foot. He was then silent for the rest of the episode.

In Can You Dig It?, Ezekiel lost Petey after the challenge, and Petey was shown in the wild getting a tan. It is unknown if Petey will ever be seen again.

In Total Drama's Got Talent, Ezekiel is depressed about Petey's absence. Ezekiel performed a poem about Petey called, "Petey".

In Lions, Tigers, and Money!, Petey returns breifly until Ezekiel loses him on the log ride again.

In Total Mystery Incorporated, Beth finds Petey at the log ride. Petey roams the park and is saddened to hear Ezekiel is no longer there. Chris and Chef allow him to stay in the park, but he leaves when and if Beth is eliminated.

In The Good, The Bad, and Lindsay, Petey helps Beth in the challenge.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Ezekiel brought Petey with him to Season Three when it was revealed Ezekiel was chosen for the third season.

Season ThreeEdit