Screaming Performers
Number of Members 9
Highest Ranking Member Duncan, 1st Place
Lowest Ranking Member Cody, 14th Place
Team Selected By Chris McLean

The Screaming Performers are one of the two teams in Total Drama Amusement Park. The Screaming Performers consists of Gwen, Duncan, Courtney, Heather, LeShawna, Cody, Harold, Beth, and Sierra. Izzy was apart of the team, but Sierra missed Cody, so Izzy switched places with her. Cody was the first person on there team to be voted off. Chris disbanded the teams at the end of Drama In The Air.

Contestants EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off show Episode voted off Reason voted off
Cody Male 1st 6th Hall of Courtneys Cody was considered useless and annoying, Heather had her alliance vote him off, along with Courtney.
Gwen Female 2nd 8th Lazer Losers! Courtney was able to convince everyone to vote Gwen off, after she kissed Courtney's boyfriend, Duncan.
LeShawna Female 3rd 9th Foul Play In the Funhouse Duncan was originally supposed to go home, but Chris loved seeing Duncan miserable and kept him in and sent LeShawna home.
Heather Female 4th 11th Round & Round Everyone already were conspiring against Heather and hated her as well, so everyone (except Courtney) voted her off.
Courtney Female 5th 12th Can You Dig It? Everyone saw her as a threat and bossy, Duncan also had something to do with it.
Harold Male 6th 13th Total Drama's Got Talent Duncan got Izzy, Sierra and Ezekiel to vote him off, as revenge when Harold voted Duncan in the last episode.
Beth Female 7th 16th The Good, The Bad, and Lindsay Beth and Sierra both had two votes against them and they had to compete in a tie-breaker challenge, Sierra picked the right number before Beth could.
Sierra Female Runner-Up Runner-Up Around The Park in Five Minutes Sierra lost the race to Duncan, when he tripped her, and lost the chance to win the million.
Duncan Male Winner Winner Around The Park in Five Minutes Duncan won the race and the million dollars.


Original MembersEdit

Past MembersEdit

  • Izzy (switched with Sierra)


  • The majority of the Screaming Performers consist three people from the final four from the first season.
  • They were the first team to get by five episodes without having to eliminate someone.
  • Cody was the first male and first contestant voted off from the team.
  • Gwen was the first female voted off the team.

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