Team Lightning
Number of Members 6
Highest Ranking Member LeShawna, 4th Place
Lowest Ranking Member Ezekiel, 19th Place
Team Selected By Chris McLean

Team Lightning is one of the three teams in Total Drama High School. Tean Lightning consists of Duncan, Alejandro, LeShawna, Ezekiel, Owen and Trent.

Contestants EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off show Episode voted off Reason voted off
Ezekiel Male 1st 1st Classroom Olympics He didn't help his team out during the challenge, and they eliminated him for that.
Trent Male 2nd 4th Losers and Artists Trent and Duncan constantly feuded in the past couple of episodes, and Duncan took their loss as a chance to vote off Trent, which worked.
Owen Male 3rd 6th Theatre, Drama, and Reporters Owen was voted off after he accidentally ate all of his team's props they had for the challenge.
Alejandro Male 4th 10th Are You Smarter Than Sierra? Alejandro was accused of giving the answers to Blaineley, so he was voted off.
Duncan Male 5th 13th Iron Klutz He was viewed as a threat by Heather for coming in second place last season, and Courtney hates him.
LeShawna Female 6th 16th The Worst of the Rest LeShawna was the only contestant not to complete the challenge.


Original MembersEdit


  • LeShawna is the only female on the team.
  • Ezekiel was the first member voted off, also the first male.
  • Only two members made it to merge (Duncan and LeShawna).
  • LeShawna was the last contestant voted off the team.

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