Team Rapid
Number of Members 6
Highest Ranking Member Heather, 1st Place
Lowest Ranking Member Gwen, 9th Place
Team Selected By Chris McLean

Team Rapid is one of the three teams in Total Drama High School. Tean Rapid consists of Gwen, Courtney, Heather, Tyler, Cody, and Noah.

Contestants EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off show Episode voted off Reason voted off
Gwen Female 1st 11th Caught in a Bad Conflict Gwen and Courtney conflicted with each other thoughtout the episode, and tried to eliminate each other. Courtney was successful in getting more contestants to vote off Gwen.
Cody Male 2nd 12th El Heatherio Due to thinking of him being a possible threat for being so kind, Heather issued her alliance to vote him off.
Tyler Male 3rd 14th Be Wise, Not Mean Tyler was voted off by the others, due to him being a threat for winning a previous season.
Courtney Female 4th 15th Wood of a Chance Courtney was betrayed by her alliance members, due to be a threat and generally mean.
Noah Male Runner-up Runner-up Graduation Noah lost to Heather during the final question.
Heather Female Winner Winner N/A Heather won Season Three, by beating Noah during the final question.


Original MembersEdit


  • The team has an even number of genders (three males and three females).
  • They have won the most challenges.
  • They are the only team to have made it to merge without eliminating one of their own.
  • Gwen was the first female and contestant voted off the team.
  • Cody was the first male voted off the team.

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