The Aftermath: 3
Season 1, Episode 25
Date Played July 27, 2010
Location Ontario, Canada
Episode Guide
"Irish Dogs"
"The Final Season...Maybe"


Geoff and Bridgette open the episode with introducing the eliminated contestants. Bridgette interviews Alejandro first, and asked him if he was upset over his elimination. Alejandro said he was, because LeShawna caused it, LeShawna got up and said he deserved it and he also tried to get her to vote off Gwen. Geoff interviews Sadie after that, asking Sadie what she thought about her elimination, Sadie said she was so upset and knew Courtney caused it. Noah was backstage, afraid to come out since what happened, Harold goes backstage and tells him that he needs to imbrace it, and mabye Noah will gain his fans back. LeShawna was interviewed next, LeShawna said her elimination was predictable when Heather used her last idol, which Heather rolled her eyes after she said last idol. Heather asked for her interview and told them that she was very mad about being voted off and hoped Gwen would lose. Cody told Heather to shut up, which Heather told him to stay out of it. Courtney was interviewed next, Courtney said she was trying to set up a lawsuit on Chris, but gets a message on her PDA, saying her lawyers are on vacation, which Courtney angrily says she dosen't pay them to take vacations. Noah came out and sat on the edge of the couch, LeShawna felt bad for him and said hi to him. Geoff and Bridgette end the show and tell everyone to stick around for the finale.


User Role
Annelisious Heather/Bridgette
WarriorOFTheLiGhT Duncan/Geoff
xxPinkyPandaxx Courtney
Sunnyweather Sierra
Maya839 Izzy
VickyTDI32 LeShawna
Dakotacoons Lindsay
TT66 Cody
Darkdonpatch Noah/Katie
Reddude Sadie/Ezekiel
Tdagirl563 Eva
Sunsummer7 Harold
Tdifan24 Alejandro
  • DJ appears, but has no lines.



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