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  • BloodOnTheRocks

    Here's my toughts on the eliminations. if you look at it all the eliminations may just might go by teams. heres how it went the first 6 went like this For The KC: Eva, Zeke, Sadie, Alejandro, Tyler then my character went next and was the first for his team but if you look at it the rest might go like this.

    SP: Cody, Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, Sierra then making this the final 8: but then the pattern could go like this and 2 people will return (Possibley DJ & Eva).

    The FInal 10: Duncan, Izzy, Courntey, Noah, Beth, Justin, Eva.

    Making DJ & Lindsay the final 2. these are my tought what do you think.

    • if heather's alliance seceded in voteting out Gwen then Heather will most likely be next.
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