Blog (1)

Hey! Random Intern here! And I will be creating a blog stating my opinions on who is most likely to go next from each team. For my first blog, as of Hall of Courtneys, here are my predictions.

Killer Clowns:

  1. Noah - Sorry dude, but basically everyone on your team is against you for what you did last season. So unless you use an idol, you will be gone next.

Screaming Preformers:

  1. Heather - Sorry, but now that Cody is gone, you are the next target. People are gunning for you after what you did last season, and also for things you have said this season as well.

Blog (2)

  1. Eliminated: Noah - Ha! I was right! Now that we are at the merge, I will do only one person.


  1. Heather - People are against you, on your own team and on the other. Sorry, but unless you have an idol, your dream of beating Justin will come to an end.

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