Hey everyone,Dark here.And today Season One ended.Gwen won, good job User:XoTulleMorXo and let's not forget Tyler who came in second.Great job User:Dakotacoons! Now we have a new season called Total Drama Amusement park! But,here's my question,who do you think is gonna be voted off 1st,2nd, and 3rd!

The people out:

18th.Eva- I wouldn't say I'm surprised,you made Lindsay cried,she has total control over everyone!

17th.Ezekiel-He can't get a break,huh? Well he was voted off for slowing his team down,you moron!

16th.Sadie- Sadie quit, but she barely did anything,only to get Justin out! Bad plan,Sadie,bad plan.

15th.Tyler- This is why you never vote off the person who has an IDOl in an ALLIANCE , no matter how small!

14th.Alejandro- Now,this was a luck shot,once again you did the vote Izzy,who changed her name to Mystaria,which only counted are alliance's!

13th Cody- You honestly are useless! You never did anything important,never helped a challenge,and how are you still HERE!? Well I'm laughing that you got 13th again,Unlucky 13th Cody!


Who am I thinking who's going,Gwen,Izzy,Noah,or maybe Justin.

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