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    August 1, 2010 by XoTulleMorXo
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    Chris McLean here, and I'll be giving the rundown on how the contestants are doing and how I think they're doing.

    Screaming Preformers
    • 8. Harold: Harold's not doing anything bad, he just needs to do something besides sit and watch the others. But on the bright side Harold's doing better than last season, dude last season was just dumb.
    • 7. Sierra: It's not just because she's creepy and Cody obessed, but sometimes Sierra's just waaaaay to involved with Cody, she hardly tries in the challenges, but since he's gone now I'm hoping to see her do something. Also, Heather's probably going to kill you since you didn't vote with your alliance.
    • 6. LeShawna: LeShawna's doing pretty good right now. Heh-heh, and also mostly about how she told off Heath…

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