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Chris McLean here, and I'll be giving the rundown on how the contestants are doing and how I think they're doing.

Screaming Preformers
  • 8. Harold: Harold's not doing anything bad, he just needs to do something besides sit and watch the others. But on the bright side Harold's doing better than last season, dude last season was just dumb.
  • 7. Sierra: It's not just because she's creepy and Cody obessed, but sometimes Sierra's just waaaaay to involved with Cody, she hardly tries in the challenges, but since he's gone now I'm hoping to see her do something. Also, Heather's probably going to kill you since you didn't vote with your alliance.
  • 6. LeShawna: LeShawna's doing pretty good right now. Heh-heh, and also mostly about how she told off Heather, she's on Heather's bad side now, not good. But the targets not LeShawna's back right now, but I'd look watch my back if I were her.
  • 5. Beth: Beth is good competitor with a big heart and willing to help her team. Beth seems about average in challenges, but right now she hasen't been doing much in the latest challenge, but I'm sure Beth will get far with her nice attitude.
  • 4. Duncan: Duncan's doing better this season. He needs to stop pestering Noah though, since if Noah does makes it to the merge, Duncan will be out. Trying to make Courtney like Gwen? Good luck with that dude.
  • 3. Gwen: I'm surprised that Gwen hasen't been voted off yet. She won last season and she's close to the merge this season, Gwen's close to possibly being in the final 6, but if she left I wouldn't be surprised, Heather's got the target on Gwen's back now.
  • 2. Courtney: Courtney's slowly getting her edge back. Getting most of her team to vote off Cody for being weak, not a surprise. Courtney will definitly run the team if Heather's voted off.
  • 1. Heather: I don't like you Heather, but right now it seems you have the upper hand once again. You've got your alliance with Sierra and Beth tricked into joining and you had the alliance vote off Cody, except for Sierra. Heather is onto Justin's schemes too, which means she could cause his downfall.

Killer Clowns
  • 4. Noah: Noah right now is fine, but since there are only four members left on the Killer Clowns, you have to be ranked here dude. He's leading an alliance with only one member, yeah your not going to last to long Noah, especially after the last season. Lindsay's got her alliance on you and Izzy, but mostly you.
  • 3. Justin: Justin's got his looks, charm, muscles and eyes to get him far in the game. Justin calling Lindsay and giving her a part in a fake movie to make her cheer up on Tyler's elimination, that's pretty genius dude.
  • 2. Izzy: Changing your name during the elimination ceremony was pretty good, since no votes would be casted on you, even though you had no intention of trying to save yourself from being voted off. Izzy... I mean Mysteria will definitly hit the final seven.
  • 1. Lindsay: I am not ranking Lindsay just because she's hot, right now you are running the team right now and not just because your the team captain. Lindsay, I'm sure will have Noah voted off for voting off her boyfriend.

  • Cody: I'm not surprised Cody was voted off, he was useless and really annoying. Trying to set up an alliance with the Queen Bee, yeah bad move Cody. And thinking your going to return will definitly not get you back in this season and what's funny is that you came in the same place as you did last season.

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Screaming Preformers
  • 8. Sierra: As I said before, you need to stop with the Cody elimination, your in the merge now Sierra, you need to focus if you wanna get far.
  • 7. Harold: Congrats Harold, you've moved up one. Your talking more, but still you need to do more. Since your in merge, people might just skip past you, so you might be in the clear.
  • 6. Beth: You need to keep doing what your doing, right now your doing good. Beth is in an alliance with Heather, still, that's not good, but Beth might just turn it against her.
  • 5. Duncan: Your still in ok standings. You haven't talked alot, but your still in good standings. Your doing better than last season, maybe you'll get further.
  • 4. LeShawna: LeShawna is still keeping her groove, and ger conflict with Heather. Probably not a good idea to mess with Heather, but still it's hilarious.
  • 3. Courtney: Sorry Courtney, you moved back a bit, I'd like to see more from you, like alliances, cheating or something like that.
  • 2. Gwen: Wow Gwen, you made it to the merge, again. I'm sorry to say it might not last long, you could be voted off next episode if you don't win.
  • 1. Heather: I hate putting you in first Heather, but I have to since your in the merge again and can get more people in your alliance, I think you have Lindsay beat too.

Killer Clowns
  • 3. Izzy: Right now you've got your last two teammates on your back, but since it's merge you could get far, unless Lindsay tries to get people to vote you off, which she might.
  • 2. Lindsay: Yikes Lindsay, you moved back. Your doing fine, it's just Justin did more than you, he's more devious and cunning and has an idol.
  • 1. Justin: Doing good so far dude. You have an idol and gave one to Lindsay, but you wasted those since no one voted you both off, I have a feeling your going to get far, but with Heather, it might slim down your chances.

  • Noah: Same as Cody dude, not surprised. You got Lindsay and Tyler to break up last season and everyone still hated you for that, it's a surprise you got this far.

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Final 11
  • 11. Ezekiel: I don't really like you coming back Ezekiel, and I just think your annoying. But maybe you could do something now that your back. I'd just try to stay out of everyone's way and you go get far.
  • 10. Beth: Being tenth isen't that bad Beth, your still doing alright, but I'd try and play more in challenges or else your gone.
  • 9. LeShawna: You hardly did anything in the challenge LeShawna, I like to see the contestants do something. I can see you starting an alliance now since Heather got your best friend voted off, also Courtney helped out in that.
  • 8. Justin: I'd say your in trouble, since Heather dosen't like you at all. Maybe you should try to manipulate people or something cause seriously dude you need to do something.
  • 7. Harold: Your doing alot better dude. Hiding yourself in camo, great idea and your earning your way up, keep at it Harold!
  • 6. Sierra: Your doing great so far Sierra, you took my advice and got over Cody's eliminaion and you keep on moving, but the whole slideshow you made of Cody is kinda freaky.
  • 5. Duncan: I know you are steaming mad at me for showing that video of you and Gwen makin' out in the confessional, and Courtney's mad at you. Yeah, you might be in trouble since Courtney possibly sees you as an enemy now.
  • 4. Lindsay: Don't worry Lindsay, your doing fine and your fine. I'm sure you'll get further than last season.
  • 3. Heather: You didn't try much during the challenge, and you took little control over who was going to be voted off, I'd say you'll make it past elimination next time, but I'm not so sure about next time.
  • 2. Izzy: You did an AWESOME job in the challenge. You took out pretty much everyone and that jump you did to avoid justin's lazer was awesome! Keep on at it Izzy.
  • 1. Courtney: After you threw a fit about the whole kissing thing, you just about got everyone to vote off Gwen, which I thought would be hard since everyone likes Gwen. Nice playing Courtney.

  • Gwen: I was shocked and actually sad to see you go, the things you said to Heather was hilarious! You burned her everytime, but I was kinda expecting this, since you won last season and everyone probably thinking you were a huge threat. I wouldn't say it was your fault about Duncan kissing you since it was mostly his fault, but that won't effect you.

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Final 10
  • 10. Duncan: Duncan, Duncan, Duncan. Sorry dude, but you've got everyone on your back right now. You kissed Gwen and broke up with Courtney, not to mention how mad Dxc fans are right now. You'll probably go next time, sorry dude.
  • 9. Justin: Not much to say Justin, you havn't done anything right now. You need to step up your game or else you'll just be eliminated before the final six.
  • 8. Izzy: You were pretty tame today Izzy. Which is ok, but I like to see the more crazy you, and why would you give Ezekiel anything? he's like way to weird and annoying.
  • 7. Lindsay: Your hot Lindsay, but I didn't really get much from you this challenge. You originally voted Ezekiel off, but for some reason you changed to Duncan, but I have a feeling your going to vote him off next time.
  • 6. Courtney: Your crying and psychotic behavior towards Duncan was pretty creepy. I mean, drawing him falling off a cliff and getting struck by lightning. That was pretty scary, but I'm sure you'll have him voted off next episode.
  • 5. Harold: Wow Harold, you moved up alot now. You did great in this episode, you were one of the last three contestants running around. I have a feeling your gonna go alot further Harold.
  • 4. Sierra: You moved up alot Sierra, you have gotten over Cody's elimination and your focusing on the game more. you did pretty good during the challenge too. Keep at it Sierra.
  • 3. Beth: You were pretty good in the challenge, Beth. You lost the group you were with and managed to avoid getting caught by Chef for that matter of time, but you did get caught. You'll get pretty far, but watch out for Heather.
  • 2. Ezekiel: I hate you Ezekiel, but I have to rank you here, since your doing really good. You almost won the challenge, but you failed at the questions, you managed to stay away from Chef the longest, but I think your in trouble since a few almost voted you off.
  • 1. Heather: You are back, Heather! You kicked butt during the challenge, you saved Ezekiel from getting caught by Chef just to get him into your alliance. You were able to win the challenge by answering the questions very quickly, only because it was Ezekiel you were up against. You got your alliance to vote off one of your main enemies, LeShawna. Right now, I think your in control of the game.

  • LeShawna: Sorry about sendin' you home LeShawna. But I just love seeing Duncan upset and mad, so I had to let him stay longer. Your game was really good too, so it's a shame I had to make you go home.

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Final 9

  • 9. Duncan: Sorry dude, right now your pretty quiet. Yeah, Courtney's insanity would make me stay in the shadows too, but I'd come out and talk every once and awhile, I mean seriously dude. And getting attacked by that snake, ouch.
  • 8. Harold: Not much done in this episode dude. Your staying in the safe zone right now though, so you could get far. No one sees you as a threat or wants to vote you off right now.
  • 7. Ezekiel: Hahahaha, finally I can move you back. You were the first one out of the challenge, even if you were knocked out because of the poison from Petey. But I still don't like you Ezekiel.
  • 6. Lindsay: You moved up Lindsay, you didn't say or do much in the episode, but maybe you'll do more next time. Grabbing Heather to take her out of the challenge with you was a smart move.
  • 5. Courtney: Well your moving up a little bit. Your kinda still on the Duncan thing, but I can't blame you... kinda. But still your freaking me out Courtney, get a grip already!
  • 4. Heather: Yikes, you didn't last long in the challenge Heather, even though you did get your alliance to vote off Justin and a few others and you did win the tie-breaker challenge, so you might go home next episode.
  • 3. Izzy: I'm glad you listened to me and went crazy in this episode! It was awesome how you tried to scare everyone with that mask. You did good in the challenge, even if you did get caught.
  • 2. Sierra: Wow Sierra, I'm impressed. You moved up so much, you did great in the challenge and you talked alot more, you must be over Cody's elimination. But, you do know your not involved in Courtney and Duncan's break up right? So no need to cut off his paper head.
  • 1. Beth: Great job, Beth. You really moved up on my list, you did great in the challenge, pushed Heather into the ghost, and was able to win the challenge. You'll be here for awhile for sure.


  • Justin: I was pretty shocked to see you go, and I'm surprised you were in the tie-breaker challenge, I was sure Heather would go. But I'm sure your looks might get you a career... maybe.

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Final 8

  • 8. Harold: You didn't do much in this episode, dude. I mean, you hardly did anything in the first challenge and you quit the second challenge, due to your "heart problems".
  • 7. Duncan: Well you moved up a bit Duncan. And you seem to be coming out of your shadow now, Courtney not bothering you anymore? She's bothering me, she keeps sending me thirty votes with your name on it.
  • 6. Ezekiel: Ehh, you were okay in the challenge dude. But I just don't like you very much, maybe you could do more after the aftermath episode, which I'm not in.
  • 5. Courtney: Same place, Courtney. You seem to be getting better after the break up with Duncan. You stopped writing those pictures of Duncan getting hurt and you just glare at him now and tackle him, I guess that's an improvement... kinda.
  • 4. Izzy: You were great in this episode, Izzy! The way you knocked everyone over to each the top of the hill was awesome! I'm not surprised you lost the challenge though, 'cause sometimes you don't use your head and think.
  • 3. Beth: You didn't do a whole lot in this episode, but I loved how you acted. I can't believe you actually ate all of Chef's soup and it didn't come back up after you finished it, but I expected it to come up sometime and it did during the challenge, that sucked.
  • 2. Lindsay: Wow Lindsay, you really did great this episode, and I love how you got everyone to vote off Heather, seriously, I really am.
  • 1. Sierra: Nice thinking in the challenge Sierra. Getting the grease off the flag was the only way to get it, and you were the only one to figure it out.


  • Heather: I knew you were going this episode Heather. I mean, look at all the mean things you've said and done to people, but I am impressed that you made it far this season after coming in 4th place last season.

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Final 6

  • 6. Ezekiel: Nothing much to say, dude. You did terrible in the treasure chest challenge and in the talent show challenge, your poem was... ehh. That's why your back here, sorry.
  • 5. Izzy: Don't worry Izzy, being here isn't bad at all, only because their aren't many players left, but you still keep on rockin' in the challenges, keep at it!
  • 4. Beth: Always doing great Beth. Like I said before, your definitely going to the final five, I'm sure you will. Your great at challenges and is friends with just about everyone.
  • 3. Duncan: Your doing alot better, Duncan. Lindsay thought you were going to vote with her, but you actually didn't and voted off Harold instead, I hope you dodge her fury after that, she sure is mad and sad.
  • 2. Sierra: I didn't know crazy was a talent, even if it's Cody facts. You did pretty good Sierra, and your working your way up there.
  • 1. Lindsay: Lo-v-ed your cheerleading talent, and you look f-i-ne in that outfit. Right now, your trying to get people vote off Ezekiel, which is why you thought Duncan would, but c'mon it IS Duncan, he could get you voted off if he wanted to. But, great job Lindsay.


  • Courtney: I'm not surprised really, you came in third place last time and you got far again, and Duncan I knew would have you voted off before you had him voted off, so too bad for you, not!
  • Harold: I'm surprised you even made seventh place, dude. You did terrible in the last season, even if you did quit, and you didn't win any challenges this season.

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Final 4

  • Sierra: Sierra, you've done so much better than last season, you've won two challenges in a row recently, your focused more on challenges, I think you have a good shot on winning this, but you'll have to fight with Beth on that one.
  • Lindsay: I'd watch out Lindsay, everyone's gunning for you, except Beth, but Beth might backstab you if she wants to. Your have a slim chance on making it to the final three, Lindsay. Maybe you need to be nicer to people, instead of being kinda mean.
  • Duncan: You are almost dominating the game, dude! I could see you going to the final three, but losing after that, or you could make it to the final two, it depends. You've done alot better than last season, Duncan.
  • Beth: Your kindness will definitely help you get further, but you should try a bit harder in the challenges now, since it's the final four and you've come really far, Beth. I think you also have a good chance of winning.


  • Izzy: I saw you as a winner of this season, Izzy. But Duncan kinda was the problem for ya, you shouldn't have joined his alliance, even though he was only trying to get Lindsay to use her idol up. But you did great this season anyway Izzy.
  • Ezekiel: Finally! I mean, Ezekiel you came in 5th place, which is actually pretty good than your other placing in the last season and this season, before you came back. You did okay, I guess.

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